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  • Send us your “Before and After” pics. When you had long hair and paisley was cool…for the first time.
  • Old band photos? Getting wild with groupies? Drinking with the Roadies?
  • Send us proof that you knew how to rock and that you’re still rockin’ after all these years.
  • All photos must be submitted digitally, along with a “Model Release Form” representing that all the people in the photographs have given you permission to use their images.
  • Not just for musicians. ALL OGSR Members, whether you are a musician or just lived the life, are welcome to submit photos.

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Yesterday and Today Photographs

Barry Keenan: Yesterday: 1966, first recording session at Acme Recording Studio, Boston, Massachusetts. Today: 2019, Studio One On Lemona, Sherman Oaks, California 

The photo on the left was a publicity shot I took with my band at the time, “White Light Train.” It was taken in 1971 or ’72. The photo on the right is recent, 2018.

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