Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud

The Roland Cloud is a cloud-based collection of high-resolution software, drum machines and sample instruments for contemporary musicians. It is also a community of musicians and producers all developing and sharing ideas and music. It’s also subscription-based, which means that you pay monthly to have access to all the digital synths and updates. 

Years ago I owned the first Juno 60 when it hit the market. I spent hours enjoying this marvel of creative sound. Unfortunately, I sold it a few years later. I thought about replacing it, but the cost was prohibitive. Now for as little as $20 a month, I have access to the digital version of the Roland 106, the Jupiter 8, the drum sounds of the TR 808 and 909, plus Roland’s ever expanding JX – 3P synthesizer and 11 more.

OGSR’s Randy Winters (R)

After reviewing the demo, I signed up to try it out. I use Logic Pro X to record my music and was delighted when the Roland Cloud installed easily into my plug-ins. That gave me an opportunity to compare the Roland Cloud suite of products to Alchemy, the very popular free synthesizer that comes with my Logic Pro X. While Alchemy is an excellent system I found myself favoring the Roland Cloud because, not only does it have more to offer, but once again I could play the sounds of the original Juno 60 that brought back so many memories. Ah, those wonderful sounds I remembered from years ago. Plus, the newer JX-3P sounds great and I was immediately inspired by its new, rich sounds.

If you’re looking for an expansive and meaningful new sound palette, I would suggest you give the Roland Cloud a try. There is a free trial, so you’ve got nothing to lose.  

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