Passion’s When You Can’t NOT do it

Passion’s When You Can’t NOT do it

By Hamilton Caine

I often hear people talk about their passion for writing and for music. Yet when I ask them what they’re doing to pursue that passion, there’s usually a shoulder shrug followed by a common complaint: “I’m too busy,” people say. “If I just had a little more time…” As though this were the sole criterion that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. That’s like saying, “The only thing that separates me from some world-class brain surgeon is that he had more free time on his hands.” Really…

I know people with nothing but time on their hands. If free time were the key to success, they would be multi-billionaires. Ironically, they are often the people who get the least done.

My experience is that people make time for what they really want to do. Remember when you were in the early stages of a romantic relationship? Even if you were too busy to get together, you at least made time to make a phone call to let the other person know you were thinking of them. You make time for what you care about, even if you have “no time.”

Passion’s when you “can’t NOT do it.” Yes, I realize that’s a double negative, but it makes a point. People who have a genuine passion for something make time for it. They can’t help themselves. It’s really important to them. They’ll watch fifteen minutes less TV and learn pentatonic scales on YouTube. They’ll write lyrics on the subway to and from work. They sign up for an online song writing course instead of watching the politicians they voted for hammer the politicians they voted against.

If you’re lucky enough that some of your passions have survived the onslaught of digital distractions and sensory overload, cherish them. Nourish them. Make time for them.

Our passions are what make us feel most alive.