Acoustasonic Stratocaster

Acoustasonic Stratocaster

Last year Fender introduced the Acoustasonic (electric/acoustic) guitar based on its classic Telecaster. 

This year the Acoustasonic is based on Fender’s iconic Stratocaster. 

New colors include Transparent Sonic Blue, Dakota Red, Black, Natural and 3-Color Sunburst. 

Lots of interest in this guitar at Wednesday’s Media Day reveal. 


Mahogany Stratocaster neck.

Patented Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS), inlaid top and modern electronics were created expressly for this instrument.

Crafted in Corona, CA, at the same factory as Fender’s other iconic electric instruments.

Fender Acoustisonic

Fender Acoustisonic

This guitar was one of the real highlights of the NAMM Show for me. I was in the market for a Fender electric guitar (Telecaster or Stratocaster), but I really love playing and writing with an acoustic guitar. I currently have a Godin steel string Multiac, an old Ovation from the 70s I play almost every day, and an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Goldtop. When I saw the Fender Acoustisonic I couldn’t wait to try one on for size. Although I don’t own one, I see one in my future. I loved the feel and and the look. It definitely attracts attention. The applications are obvious, particularly if you play in a band, as I do. Our repertoire includes hard rock and Eagles’ songs. Using the Fender Acoustisonic, I can travel light.


Thin and light with an open-pore satin finish, the hollow body is naturally loud and resonant with plenty of projection. An inset top and integrated forearm contour make it comfortable and easy to play.


A mix of classic analog and future technologies, the Fender and Fishman®-designed Acoustic Engine delivers a variety of acoustic and electric voices.


Fender’s patent-pending tuned soundport uses a “waterfall” design to control the flow of air into the body, creating a naturally loud voice and lively harmonics. For more information about this great guitar go to the Fender site: