Beat Buddy

Beat Buddy

Photo Above, Left: OGSR’s Randy Winters (R) talks with Beat Buddy’s David Packouz (L). “Our band (’50 Shades of 60′) has used the Beat Buddy for 3 years in various ways. It’s terrific,” said Winters.

It’s a drum machine in a “stomp-box.” It comes with a power supply and a patch cord to plug in the optional programmable foot switch. It also includes an SD card that comes loaded with 10 unique drum sets, with 220 styles in 10 different genres, including heavy metal, rock, punk, blues, country, techno and latin.

It only takes a quick glance at the pedal to understand it. The box has three knobs to create your sounds. Select the drum set you want, set the tempo and volume, and you’re ready to go. The easy to understand instructions explain what happens when you press the pedal.

  • Press the pedal once to start the beat with an intro fill and the beat starts.
  • Press the pedal once during the song to add a fill.
  • Press the pedal and hold it for a second to transition to a fuller sound.
  • Press the pedal and hold it again for a second to exit the fuller sound.
  • Double tap the pedal to end the song with an outro fill.

Said Winters, “I was so impressed with the BeatBuddy’s sound quality that I used it on several songs when we recorded our CD. It sounds as good or better than any loop in Logic Pro X. And once you become proficient, you can record a drum track in a take or two instead of spending hours building a track with fills and breaks using loops.

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