If/Everything’s Going to be Fine

By Barry Keenan

“Everything’s Going To Be Fine” was written as the opening track on my album, “Contrary To Popular Belief.” The song’s point of view is that many of the world’s problems boil down to selfishness. In all of us. I also believe that while that selfishness lies within us, so too does love. And that if we manifest the love rather than the selfishness, then many of society’s problems will be reduced and “everything’s going to be fine.”

When renowned studio tech, Charlie Bolis (Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty) called me after listening to the song in his car, he suggested that I re-release it. Out of the blue, in the same week, I was contacted by Kevin Lewin (World Entertainment News Network) suggesting the same thing: that I re-release the song. This prompted a discussion with Matt Forger (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones) to do a re-mix of the song.

Forger then adapted the Rudyard Kipling poem “If” as an opening to the song. I then had arranger Barry Fazman (Billy Joel, Fame) orchestrate the poem. Next I contacted poet Loring Evans who came in from Idaho to recite the poem.

The finished version can be heard at www.invisiblepoetkings.com.

To finish off the project, I brought in Photographer/Author Paul Zollo (Songwriters On Songwriting, Volumes 1 & 2 and Conversations With Tom Petty, Expanded Version) who contributed many of his photographs for the “If/Everything’s Going To Be Fine” video, which was edited by Forger. The video can be view at the link provided above.

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