The Story Behind the Song

How many times have you heard a song, e.g., “Tiny Dancer,” and thought: What’s the story behind that song?

Most songs, but not every one, have a story. When I say not every one, just check out some famous rock songs. The only thing some of the verses have in common is that the last word in each line rhymes. Kind of… And the “story behind the song” could be more aptly summed up by printing a vodka bottle label.

But most good songs have a story behind them.

The same applies to our Members’ songs. In this space we will highlight Members’ songs and let them tell the “Story Behind the Song.”

My experience is that when I hear an artist talk about a song, I’m more likely to connect with it. I have a tendency to like something the more I understand it.

I’m not talking about explaining every nuance. Part of the fun of perceiving any piece of art is discovering it: Inferring what the artist is saying, through the lens of my life experience. I’m just saying that when a songwriter tells the story behind the song, it opens a window through which an audience can enter more easily.

I’m looking forward to this feature because I listen to the songs submitted by OGSR Members. There are some incredibly cool songs here. And, I imagine, some pretty cool stories behind them.

Let’s share them.


Check Out These Members’ Songs and The Stories Behind Them

“If/Everything’s Going to be Fine Music and Lyrics by Barry Keenan

Listen to the Song and Video

Read “The Story Behind the Song”