Volunteers: We Need Your Help

Community is a big part of what makes OGSR what it is. Being a part of something, a sense of belonging, is important. As an active senior, a sense of purpose can be therapeutic and invigorating. Below are some projects OGSR is putting together. If you have some expertise in (or just some raw enthusiasm for) any of the projects listed below, click the Contact Button and let us know how you can help.


Social Media Enthusiasts Wanted

OGSR is looking for volunteers to help with our Social Media. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Google+, and Mailchimp.

Duties include: Monitoring, Updating, and handling Campaigns.

Although you needn’t be an expert in any of the social media, you should know your way around the platform, including handling technical issues that may arise with that platform.

Particularly in the beginning, the amount of time will not be great. And if you want to quit for any reason, that is your choice.

While we want you to be enthusiastic about OGSR and our community, we do not want you to engage in provocative or offensive social media posts. Keep your politics to yourself. There are literally millions of other websites and tens of millions of social media participants who engage in politics second by second every day, so we don’t need another divisive political site.

We expect that most of the posts will be supportive and will help grow awareness of OGSR and its resources.

Product Reviewers

When you purchase a product OGSR members might be interested in, like a new guitar accessory, a voice processor, a digital drum kit, etc. we’d like to hear about it. We will email you the specs on how to submit your review (video and/or just text and images). We expect that as OGSR grows, we will be receiving products from manufacturers and software developers. If you’re on our list of approved reviewers, we’ll make sure you get products to review, based on your interests.

Song Screeners

OGSR gets new uploads of songs every day. We need to vet each song. That includes listening to the song and making sure the lyrics submitted match. Making sure the waivers and copyright forms are correct, as you can reasonably determine, i.e., make sure the “submitter” vouches for the song’s authenticity and ownership.

Start a Local OGSR Chapter

We hope to have OGSR “user groups” all around the country. While we have high hopes re: regional OGSR Shows (a convention with speakers and vendors during the day and a live Rock and Roll show in the evening), initially the chapters serve the main purpose of OGSR: amateur (and not really famous) musicians getting together, jamming and swapping old stories. We will also pass along any discounts on gear, concerts or other merchandise and services as they become available.

Make a Suggestion

As OGSR evolves it will become what the membership wants it to become. That will include features, events and services we haven’t thought of yet. I had always believed that to a large extent you get out of something what you put into it. When you invest some time and energy into a project you’re enthused about, good things happen.

Online Tutorials

Do you have expertise in teaching guitar riffs or styles? Are you an expert in Mixing and/or Mastering with one of the major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)? Contact us and let’s see if it’s a tutorial OSGR Members might be interested in.

Ongoing Maintenance and Additional Projects:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Someone to help us set up weekly Online Streaming Concerts
  • Interviews with famous Old Guys Still Rockin’

Next step:

If you haven’t already become an OGSR member, please just check the “please sign me up” box at the bottom of this form when you submit it. You must be an OGSR Member to participate in OGSR activities and discounts. Besides, it’s FREE! What do you have to lose?

I’d Like to Volunteer or Make a Suggestion

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You must be an OGSR Member to volunteer and participate in OGSR activities and discounts. Hey, it's FREE. What do you have to lose?