OGSR Hold Harmless Waiver

The undersigned Rights Holder represents that he or she is the sole rights holder to this song.

Fill in name of song here: ________________________________________________________________________

Fill in copyright/registration information:


The Rights Holder further represents that he or she is the sole creator of this work and that no claims or action to the contrary exist or are anticipated.

The Rights Holder agrees to hold OGSR harmless in any copyright infringement or ownership dispute of any kind regarding your song(s) submitted to OGSR.

The Rights Holder furthermore agrees to pay any and all legal expenses incurred by OGSR in any dispute about rights or ownership issues relating to this song.

I, The Rights Holder (Print Name) ____________________________________________________  declare that the above representations are accurate and true.


______________________________________________________        ________________________________________________

Signature                                                                                                    Date

Waiver Submission Instructions

Step 1: Print out a PDF of this document: OGSR Hold Harmless Waiver
Step 2: Fill it out completely
Step 3: Sign and date it
Step 4: Scan it
Step 5: Email it to OGSR at this address: OldGuysStillRockin@gmail.com

IMPORTANT: PUT “OGSR WAIVER” in Subject line. 

Your song will not be posted until this document is signed and returned.